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Junior & Leaving Cert Lessons Online

What is ExamSupport

    Examsupport provides high quality online video lessons and printable notes for Leaving and Junior Cert students and teachers. We have over 500 video Study Packs covering 35 exam subject papers. The study packs are prepared by experienced teachers. ExamSupport Study Packs have been used by more than 50,000 students to prepare for their leaving and junior cycle examinations.

What is in each 'Study Pack'?

  • A topic Lesson video, usually 30-40 minutes
  • An Exam Q&A video, usually 15 minutes
  • Printable notes for both video presentations
  • A Multiple-Choice Quiz to test pack learning
  • Downloadable Audio file for the eLesson

Why Use ExamSupport?


  • Printable lesson notes with each video pack
  • Worked past paper questions with each lesson
  • Topic quiz with each lesson to test the extent of learning achieved
  • Lessons presented in an engaging video format
  • Topics can be covered anytime, anywhere
  • Mandatory chemistry and physics topics using laboratory equipment
  • Accessible across multiple devices from desktop and mobile
  • Unlike traditional classroom grinds, all ExamSupport learning content is online and can be accessed at any time, as often as required


  • Examsupport significantly less expensive than standard grinds.
  • Allow parents to relax knowing that students have the exam preparation support they need.
  • Reduces stress, lost energy and time travelling to and from grinds.

How to use ExamSupport?

Studying a Topic

Students can watch a full topic video lesson,followed by the shorter exam questions video the covers previous exam paper questions. The two videos will give a thorough understanding of the topic.

After the lessons students should then complete the topic quiz to test their understanding of the lesson and identify areas where revision is needed.

Clarifying a Specific Point

When a student is already familiar with a particular topic, but want a specific point reviewed, the student should access the video beginning at the specific point they require.

This is done by clicking on the headings displayed in the ‘Table of Contents’. While saveing time this also ensures the student achieves maximum benefit of their time with ExamSupport.

When to start using ExamSupport?

Students use ExamSupport video Study Packs throughout the school year to support classroom learning and give further tuition and testing to reinforce what is learned in school. Also when revision is required ExamSupport gives students a deep learning resource to assist and reinforce classroom learning. After each lesson the pack quiz will allow a student test their knowledge of the lesson using multiple-choice questions.

ExamSupport is available using the internet and will work well on most standard desktop or mobile devices.

Exam Subjects Covered


My eldest daughter sat her Junior Cert last June
and did well. The video learning packs were
extremely useful - they were a great help to her...

Noreen O'Grady

Excellent - my kids are doing Junior Cert next year
and were most impressed with the Maths and History.
Good reinforcement and a different slant from their regular teacher.

David Brayden