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Junior & Leaving Cert Lessons Online

Video Lesson & Exam Q&A

Examsupport Player

Each subject topic is covered by an Examsupport Study Pack. Each Study Pack contains two videos. The first video is 'a Lesson video' which teaches the student the topic in detail. The second video is 'an Exam Q&A video' which goes through past-paper exam questions in the topic covered.

Students who are unfamiliar with the topic should view the 'Lesson video' in full and then view the 'Exam Q&A video'. Take time 'to pause and replay' to ensure that the points raised by the teacher in both videos are clearly understood.

Students who are already familiar with the topic will often go straight to the 'Table of Contents', associated with both videos to view only those points which will supplement their existing knowledge.

Lesson Notes (Printable)

Lesson Notes

Exam Q&A Notes

Two sets of printable notes are provided in each Study Pack. These notes are used by the teacher when delivering the teaching video online.

Students often find it useful to print out these notes and write their own comments on them while watching the lesson videos. Their 'personalised' can prove very useful during final revision for exams.

Tip: To save paper, please choose to print the notes with two pages per A4 sheet. Also print on both side of the page if your printer has this option. Put the notes in a ring binder, as you would your school notes.

Topic Quiz

Topic Quiz

There is a Topic Quiz in place with most Study Packs. The quiz will test the students knowledge of the pack video and the notes. This is a useful method of measuring pack learning and improving exam readiness.

The quiz presents ten 'multiple choice questions' taken from a database of up to 30 questions. Students will often take the pack quiz several times to improve their scores. Especially as the exams are getting closer.

We suggest students should try to achieve a score of greater than 60% on a pack quiz before moving away from a study pack. Good students should try to achieve 80% or higher before moving on. Please call us if you need greater detail.